Nästa träff den 18:e november: Oslo & the Three Dubs (WCF WF & Dublin)

Så var det dags igen. Denna gång kommer det att handla om några av de spännande nyheterna som för första gången visades under PDC'n i Los Angeles.

Denna träff kommer att hållas i KnowIt's lokaler på Klarabergsgatan 60,

Som vanligt kör vi två entimmes sessioner med något att äta mellan sessionerna, och startar kl 17:45. Vi har ca 60 platser.


 "Oslo" is the codename for the new modelling platform from Microsoft. Oslo consists of the following three main components:

·         A repository database

·         A text based modelling language "M"

·         A graphical model editor "Quadrant"

This session will focus on the Oslo features that are relevant to BizTalk developers, such as modelling and publishing processes as web services. It will also take a look at the possible future implementation of BizTalk Server artefacts in the repository database and Quadrant.

WCF/WF & Dublin

Codename "Dublin" is an application server component that will be available as a free addition to IIS and WAS hosted in Windows Server 2008. Combined with WCF and WF in .net 4.0 it will provide an attractive hosting environment for services and long running processes.

This session will position Dublin next to BizTalk Server and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the two hosting environments over a range of real world scenarios.


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